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We are a Country Rock/Classic rock cover band with a few originals.

Born For A Storm

Born For A Storm

Our newest original written my Steve Olsen



As members of Satin Steel we are sending this in the hopes that we may book our band to play at your club, party, festival, wedding or corporate event. Our music style is classic rock & country rock. We  play top of the chart hits that audiences recognize and love to listen, sing along with, dance and drink too.

We are based in the Salt Lake City area and play throughout the state of Utah as well as weekend road trips to Idaho, Wyoming, and Nevada. We are a five-piece band featuring two guitars, bass guitar, drums and a female lead vocalist. Our extraordinary vocals and harmonies, and engaging style of audience interaction have resulted in a growing following of fans at each venue. 95% of our shows are return engagements by popular demand! Our facebook comments include;

“Satin Steel is an Amazing band and I made a new friend. Darla has an Awesome personality and an Amazing Voice. Beautiful soul. The Guys are Amazing also. I would suggest going to see them live any time y'all get the chance.”

“The entire band is riveting. Good people with great energy!! Darla puts this band over the top. She is so interactive with her audience and draws them into her exuberance.”

We have professional equipment including a full sound system for venues without a house system.

To discuss bookings please contact Darla at 385-251-3867, Steve 801-661-5556 


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Midnight Rider Cover

Cover of "Midnight Rider"

Mechanical License for Midnight Rider

Midnight Rider Mechanical License (pdf)



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Rocky Mountain Man

Rocky Mountain Man

Written by Brad Campbell

Fire in my Soul

Showcase your audio

Written by Darla Olsen


Tunnel Vision

Written by Robert Heidt


Hold You In My Prayers

 Written by Steve Olsen

Satin Steel Promo Video

About us


The musicians

Darla Olsen - Lead Singer

Steve Olsen - Guitar & Vocals

Robert Heidt - Guitar & vocals

Dave  Neria-  Drummer

Brad Campbell - Bass


About Us

Satin Steel is well acclaimed for their musical and vocal excellence, but what sets them apart from bands of similar genres is the electrifying performance aura created by the band members in a live atmosphere. They are masters in creating an environment of audience engagement and participation, accounting for their phenomenal 100% rate of return engagements by popular demand.

The #1 goal of the band is to create an environment where the club patrons party with the band rather than being a “Jukebox” providing background music. Lead singer Darla Olsen is not a bandstand performer and spends most of her time during  songs mixing with the club patrons, leading dances, filling the room with her powerful vocal range and singing style, and inviting audience participation with her wireless microphone. (Videos at our website www.satinsteel5.com ) Singing roles are shared by the vocalists and precision three and four part harmonies abound with each and every song!

The popularity of the band is also a result of their carefully chosen repertoire of both country rock and classic rock hits including some original compositions! The mix of songs, genres and artists appeals to wide variety of audience tastes/ages and gets everyone out of their seats and on to the dance floor for an evening of fun and entertainment!

Bass guitarist Richard Cundey comments;

“A huge factor in my excitement about joining Satin Steel was the incredible exuberance and vibrations I felt from the band members, and their passion for making music and entertaining audiences from all walks of life. They are truly a group of talented and dedicated musicians of which I am proud to be a member!”

Facebook followers comment;

“Satin Steel is an Amazing band and I made a new friend. Darla has an Awesome personality and an Amazing Voice. Beautiful soul. The Guys are Amazing also. I would suggest going to see them live any time y'all get the chance.” 

“The entire band is riveting. Good people with great energy!! Darla puts this band over the top. She is so interactive with her audience and draws them into her exuberance.”



 “how can you tell if a performer is amazing or not??  Amazing= you can't  get a photo of them that isn't blurry. if you haven't watched the magic  that is Satin Steel, you are missing out.”     

      - Bar staff at Timp Tavern 


Here’s another phenomenal group that I've had many great nights watching. Tons of energy. They are very interactive with their crowd. You can't have a bad time watching these guys and this gal. Dynamic band. Go shake you're hiney. - Jeffrey Scott whitehead 

 “The entire band is riveting.  Good people with great energy!!  Darla  puts this band over the top.  She is so interactive with her audience  and draws them into her exuberance.”     

      - Donna Jones 

 "I like the way the dance floor was full all night. We haven't been this busy for a while. You guys did great."     

      - Bridgette - Barmaid 

 "Darla you and your band made me look good, thank you very much. You  guys are very entertaining and going to go to good places. Thank you  very much. Each and every one of you have talents that are very hard to  beat."     

      - Chet Farley - F.O.E. Pleasant Grove

 "You're way better in real life than on Facebook postings. Time for some  good studio time!!! Bring your band to CA. Please do a CD soon. (even  of your covers) I'll buy one. People here want one too."     

      - Wally Jacobsen - Bounty Hunter in Sata Rosa CA 



Darla Olsen (Johnson)- Lead singer


Darla Olsen is an accomplished singer-songwriter born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. Darla studied and enjoyed music most of her life in the Pacific Northwest and California eventually moving to Utah to concentrate on her career as a musician. In addition to singing and composing original music Darla is also a musician. She learned the piano at the early age of 7 and can play a variety of instruments including the Flute, Violin, and Guitar. She was in the marching band in Junior High. She has performed with a myriad of worship bands in the Utah valley for over 14 years. Darla as also composed and sang original music for the band "DT Crossroads" from 1998-2001. Music has been a powerful influence for Darla from an early age. In a recent interview Darla expressed what drives her musically “I get to express my emotions through music, I get to reach people through it in different ways. It’s always been my passion”. Darla has been with the band Satin Steel as the lead vocalist since April 2016.

Stephen Olsen- Guitarist


Steve first fiddled with guitar when he was around 13 years old in the early 70’s. His Dad, who was a music teacher around the Salt Lake Valley, bought him his first acoustic along with several lessons. He had taught Steve to read music, play piano, Sax and Trumpet during his school years. During Elementary, Junior High and High School Steve played both trumpet and Sax in his school Stage bands. While still in Junior High and throughout most of Steve’s High School years along with a few friends he put a group together called “Blackwood” and played many local church dances and school activities. Towards the latter 70’s Steve toured with a country rock band (Stampede) in the Western states area for about 9 months and then locally for about another 2 years afterwards. Steve has been in several groups since then including Head over Heels that began with a few female singers starting in 1987 for 10 years (they opened up for several Nashville acts around the local scene at the Westerner, Tamarak (Outlaw)  in Ogden and Sandy Station). From 1997 -2005 Southern Thunder was rockin the region with Kelly Vigneux from Las Vegas (they opened up for several more Nashville acts around the local scene, as well as Weber State College and Country Fest in Colorado).  With the collaboration of former band mates of Head over Heels and Southern Thunder they put a group together called “Southern Reign” and performed for a few years in the local scene. Beginning in late summer of 2008-early 2014, Steve spent 5 years with Triax a unique 3 piece contemporary Rock /Classic Rock band out of Utah County that used pre-programmed background music and a click track to keep them in tempo as the pivot point of our sound. When Triax came to an abrupt end, Steve was asked to join Divine Sunset who had just begun to create a great sound locally with our former front man. With former members (Derek Meeks and Robert Wiechert Jr.) of Divine Sunset we entered into a new exciting age of sound with both Darla Johnson on lead vocals and Bob Heidt on lead guitar and vocals. Bob and Steve had previously played in Southern Reign together for a brief stint. With our new sound we’re excited to perform music from Patsy Cline to Robert Palmer to 3 Down to Carrie Underwood. 

…. We call ourselves Satin Steel……….

Robert Heidt - Guitarist


Bob Heidt has always wanted to be a musician for as long as he can remember.  At a very early age, he wanted to play the trumpet, and finally at the age of eight years old, he got the chance. In high school he played in the concert band, the orchestra, the jazz band and marching band.  This gave him the opportunity to go to Calgary, Canada for the Stampede celebration and Pasadena, California for the Rose Parade.  But in 1969, he heard Green River by Creedence Clearwater Revival, and fell in love with the guitar.  He didn't get his first guitar till he was fifteen, he had to promise his parents that he would continue with the trumpet in school, which he did, of course, but Ie really wanted to be a rock star!  After high school, he played with a few different bands.  In 1980, he was with a band named "Union Station, "  and he  started writing songs,  as did two other members.  They recorded and produced an album on their own label.  MCA records offered them a deal.  Unfortunately, it didn't take.  Fast forward,  He has played with many bands, but now it's Satin Steel!  And he's loving every minute of it with his Satin Steel family!

Dave Neria -Drummer

Brad Campbell - Bass

Brad's musical journey started on the Trumpet, which he used to obtain a Bachelor of Arts music degree at the University of Utah. He then proceeded to play mostly Bass in bands and teach Guitar/Bass/Trumpet throughout the '90s. His influences are varied including Metal, Progressive Rock, Classical, Jazz, and Country. Singing backing and lead vocals came along the way. In 2002, he started a new project with his old classmates called Ninth Wave. He has continued that relationship in various forms to this day. Brad has over 30 years of experience performing in various genres on Bass, Guitar, Keys, Trumpet, and Vocals. Lately, he has decided to concentrate on the Bass (as his tattoos will attest), which makes him a perfect fit for Satin Steel. 

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